Compliance 101: Five Things You Need to Know to Keep Your Nonprofit Running

August 18, 2021 14:00
August 18, 2021 14:00
-06:00 UTC : Central Time (US & Canada)
+11:00 UTC : Sydney
+02:00 UTC : Berlin, Madrid Paris, Rome, Amsterdam
-04:00 UTC : Eastern Time (US & Canada)
-07:00 UTC : Pacific Time (US & Canada)
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Founders of nonprofit organizations are often held to a higher standard because they are building something from nothing, which means that there is greater scrutiny upon them. Not doing enough regarding your responsibilities can get you and your organization in trouble and even shut down entirely. It's important to know the risks, so that professionals in the sector can grow while achieving their mission AND protecting themselves as well.

You are passionate about a challenge, and commit to doing the work to overcome the challenge. In this excitement, you can forget a nonprofit is a business that has financial, legal, and general compliance requirements; similar to any other business. All nonprofit staff have to take an active role in understanding their obligations as part of their advocacy work. Which translates into gaining more trust from their communities, their donors, their partners, and funders.

In this webinar, social impact architect and attorney Erin McClarty will discuss what she’s seen founders wish they knew, but didn’t know, about their obligations.

  • Common reporting obligations that can get organizations in trouble
  • Five big compliance obligations organizations will want to make sure they’re aware of
  • Tips for thinking about and managing future compliance concerns

Participants will also receive resources for helping ensure that their nonprofit runs as smoothly and effectively as possible.

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