How to Boost Online Fundraising with Salesforce and Donorbox

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How to Boost Online Fundraising with Salesforce and Donorbox

When we think of the nonprofit sector we often think of doing good — and with the good comes, well, needs. Your organization’s needs (donations!) and your donors’ needs (to know that their donation is making a difference). These two groups of people might seem like they’re miles apart, but in fact, they’re closer than you think.

This is where the power of Customer Relationship Management software comes in.

By using the winning combination of Salesforce (the leading cloud-based CRM) and Donorbox, you can close that distance and be one step closer to building trust between the donor and the nonprofit – allowing you to interact with your donors throughout the relationship cycle by tracking donations, events, advocacy actions, and more.

Join us for a webinar to learn:

  • What Salesforce Nonprofit cloud has to offer for committed organizations like yours
  • How you can leverage their community offerings to offset the cost of acquiring licenses for Salesforce
  • What can be achieved from a CRM when it comes to relationship management and fundraising
  • A brief overview of the most important features that Salesforce has to offer
  • How Donorbox and Salesforce can create a smooth end to end solution to take care of your entire fundraising operational functions

We’ll also have a live Q&A at the end of the session!

All registrants will receive the recording, slide deck, & links to resources mentioned in the webinar.

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