Board Agreement: How to Build a Rockstar Nonprofit Board & Increase Fundraising

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Board Agreement: How to Build a Rockstar Nonprofit Board & Increase Fundraising

One of the biggest challenges in nonprofits is getting your board to take their role seriously. This means 1) attendance 2) due diligence, and 3) fundraising. Yet so many boards struggle with this.

Board members “own” the nonprofit in the eyes of the law, but they usually don’t even work there. In addition, most boards don't get the orientation and training they need to be successful. This can cause a disconnect and dysfunction.

Enter...the “Board Agreement” – the single most powerful tool you can use in getting your board to perform

In this training, we will show you the powerful and simple elements that are fundamental to building a rockstar board. If you attend live, you will get a free sample board agreement.

In less than an hour, you’ll be able to:

  • Better understand what boards are and what they aren’t
  • Transform your board in a few months by implementing this tool
  • Understand some of the psychology behind board agreements
  • Explain the elements of a board agreement
  • Know how to enforce the agreement

Don’t miss this crucial session designed to help you truly activate your board! Please save the event on your calendar.

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