Top 10 Direct Mail Hacks for Nonprofits

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September 21, 2022 14:00
2022-09-21 14:00

Top 10 Direct Mail Hacks for Nonprofits

With Direct Mail roaring back into the annual campaign mix for many organizations, now is a great time to refresh your current direct mail format or start a new one if you are not doing direct mail.

Direct Mail is both an art and a science and as Pablo Picasso put it “Good artists borrow, great artists steal!” So have no shame in stealing some of the great ideas that Joe’s team has put to use in over 20 years of Direct Mail service to non-profit organizations.

In this webinar, Joe will go over

  • Practical direct mail design hacks
  • USPS mailing Hacks
  • Direct mail strategy hacks 
  • And answer any other direct mail questions you have

Sample packs will be available through a handy QR code during the presentation so you can see them in action firsthand. Plus, a Free Donor Metric Report session will be available to anyone who attends (requires a 15-minute consult and a simple data export from your CRM.)

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