Educate, Engage, Encourage: A Holistic Approach to Board Involvement in Fundraising

July 18, 2024 13:00
July 18, 2024 13:00
-06:00 UTC : Central Time (US & Canada)
+11:00 UTC : Sydney
+02:00 UTC : Berlin, Madrid Paris, Rome, Amsterdam
-04:00 UTC : Eastern Time (US & Canada)
-07:00 UTC : Pacific Time (US & Canada)
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Engagement is the foundation of an effective nonprofit board, and understanding the principles of attachment science can revolutionize how your board connects and contributes.

Great board engagement goes beyond simple involvement; it transforms board members into passionate advocates and effective fundraisers. By educating, engaging, and encouraging your board, you can unlock their full potential and drive your organization’s fundraising success.

Join us on Thursday, July 18 at 1 p.m. ET for an hour-long webinar led by Haley Cooper, Donorbox Ambassador and Founder of The Savvy Fundraiser. This session will delve into how nonprofits can use attachment theory to build a deeply engaged board that is not only committed to the mission but also actively involved in fundraising.

In this session, Haley will share:

  • The qualities of an engaged board member
  • Educational techniques for board fundraising
  • Motivational strategies to encourage your board
  • Tips to ensure effective communication and collaboration 
  • Practical tools to enhance board engagement and fundraising activities

All registrants will have the opportunity to get access to the Ultimate Guide to Engaging, Educating, and Encouraging Your Board to Fundraise.

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